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Credit intermediary A-Credit is a relatively new party on the financial market. As a mediator, A-Credit tries to do everything possible to offer consumers the cheapest possible consumer credit. A-Credit cooperates with various Dutch lenders.

These are not only large Dutch banks, but also various smaller, specialized lenders .

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It is precisely these smaller organizations that often offer a very attractive interest rate for a personal loan or a revolving credit. Because A-Credit acts as a credit intermediary, this organization itself does not provide credit to consumers. In addition to the mediating function that this organization can fulfill for you, A-Credit can also provide you with appropriate advice about the possibilities you have.

Method of credit intermediary A-Credit

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Objectivity is paramount in the services that A-Credit offers to consumers. You notice this, among other things, by the large number of lenders comparing this credit intermediary. Keep in mind, however, that A-Credit does not include all loans from all Dutch lenders in this comparison. It is therefore possible that when you carry out a comparison yourself, you will find a cheaper loan. This is because A-Credit has a cooperation with a selective group of lenders. You can easily submit a credit application online. Based on your request and the accompanying documents (a copy of your passport, proof of income, etc.), A-Credit will look for a suitable lender.

Advice on various types of credit

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Before submitting a credit application, you can best be advised on the various types of credit offered today. The most common loans are a personal loan, a revolving credit and a mini loan . Here, a personal loan is ideal for people who have to be able to pay for a large, one-off cost item. A mini loan is attractive for consumers who have a shortage of funds this month and want to fill it with a short-term, small loan of up to a few hundred USD. 


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