Credit insurance borrower: Our opinion, delegation, guarantees …

Unlike consumer loans, mortgages are repayable over long periods of time which is why agricultural credit (as well as all banks) only grant them if they are insured. When you will be meeting with the bank advisor, to develop the financing of your home, he will necessarily talk to you and offer you the borrower insurance of his bank. Explanations about Crédit Maker credit insurance. It is the bank that sets the minimum guarantees according to the real estate project, the amount of the loan and the state of health of the client. (As a result, the guarantees required by the agricultural credit may vary from one client to another) .

Mandatory .

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These are “mandatory guarantees” , they cover the most serious problems. Their implementation entails the reimbursement (partial or total) of sums still due to the bank. It is : The death guarantee. The guarantee total and irreversible loss of autonomy . (or absolute and definitive invalidity). There are other guarantees . And as we said above the bank can impose them on a customer. But even if she does not ask for them, the borrower can subscribe them if he so desires. They can be contracted independently of each other: Total permanent disability . 

The bank.

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The bank may impose a certain level of insurance on the borrower, but it can not impose its own insurance . This means that the borrower can insure his real estate credit for agricultural credit with the insurer of his choice. The latter will have to comply with the requirements of the bank, ie offer exactly the same guarantees.


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The banker will determine a minimum level of insurance, however nothing prevents you to subscribe the loss of employment (according to your profession and the stability of your job)Some trades and sports are considered “at risk”, and sometimes result in a premium. Inquire. Opinion of our expert in loan and repurchase of credit Product noted.(It is a disability of more than 66%, but unlike COC, it does not prevent the performance of essential acts of everyday life) Total temporary disability . (The insured can not work for a certain time following an accident or illness) Job loss insurance . She takes care of the monthly repayment from the 91st day of unemployment. The borrower insurance delegation.

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